Skeleton Crew Studios

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Skeleton Crew Studios produces games that have a blend of replayability, retro-style graphics, and our special brand of irreverent, offbeat humor. We've remained a close-knit team of friends creating games together for the past decade. Keeping our team small has enabled us to maintain a clear vision for each game we design, as the last thing we want to do is allow our projects get muddled by the typical "too many hands in the cookie jar" syndrome that so many game studios suffer from. While we continue to work on our own passion projects, the Skeleton Crew Studios team is available to bring your game development needs to life.

See a sampling of our games below, and if you're interested in hiring us to create a unique game for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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  • Bionic Chainsaw
    Pogo Gorilla

    We've finally answered the age-old question about what would happen if you replaced a gorilla's arms with chainsaws and its legs with a pogo stick! More

  • Godball

    Roll ferocious creatures into balls and fire them off while using planet Earth as your own personal pinball playfield! More

  • Abobo's Big Adventure

    Behold! Take control of Abobo, an unstoppable 8-bit force, in our ultimate tribute to the Nintendo Entertainment System! More