Abobo's Big Adventure

Release Date: January 11, 2012
Official Site: AbobosBigAdventure.com

A true dream project brought to life after 10 years of continued work, Abobo's Big Adventure is our ultimate tribute to the glory days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Each level is based on an entirely different game, and the enemies found within each level are from other classic games as well. Suffice to say, we gave Abobo a LOT of opponents to mangle with his huge angry fists.

To date, Abobo's Big Adventure has been played over 10 million times, has been featured on Wired, Game Informer, Destructoid, IGN, and countless "Let's Play" videos on YouTube, and the game has developed an extremely loyal fanbase. The game appeared on many top game lists, with universal praise from critics everywhere, and it won the "2012 Game of the Year" award on Newgrounds.com and "2012 Best Action/Adventure Game" award on Jayisgames.com.