Release Date: April 1, 2016
Client: Cartoon Network / Adult Swim Games

Adult Swim Games hired us back to produce another large, original game as an April Fools' Day surprise for all their fans. Godball takes the basic mechanics of pinball and removes them from the confines of a pinball machine, and instead uses the entire world as its playfield. The story is that God got bored one day when his cable went out, so he decided to grow some of his favorite creatures to gargantuan proportions and roll them up into balls. Godballs. Then, with reckless omnipotence, he would fling the balls out into the world and laugh as pure chaos and destruction ensued.

With over 50 stages of challenging, isometric gameplay, Godball is a truly unique game incorporating the physics of pinball and the action of classic arcade games. It also includes a level editor so players can create their own experiences to share.